Education is one of the most important aspects of life and finishing studies abroad is a dream of our students. Our organization helps students to go abroad by helping them to get prepared get their admission, their visas and all possible information’s which could help the student in their future.

ACCURACY started to work in this field to provide the right information to the student according to the subject he wants to develop his career with. That’s why the motive of our organization is to work as a professional organization and to maintain its good reputation. Also the organization changes the way of working according to the policies the universities and colleges in order to satisfy both, the students and the institutes.

Our goal is also to increase our niche in the area of International Education. We effort to strengthen the bridge between Foreign Universities and the Bangladeshi students/professionals, as well as be able to provide them with various opportunities to explore both global and Bangladeshi business markets and have a unique learning experience.

We have highly trained professionals in the field of counseling, communications and education support providing the highest quality care. Our counselors, who guide students through maze of questions and find the best suitable educational option for their profile and constraints, provide excellent advice on choosing courses that match the students’ educational background and personal goals.


A member of British Council Trained Agent Scheme ( BCTAS)

 Certified Counselor: