Why Study in Thailand?

Thailand is a country where opportunities abound, and the people are friendly and welcoming. Thailand’s stunning natural landscapes are traditional cultural components contrast the country’s more modern face. Thailand is known as ‘Land of Smiles’ and famous because of the high service level. Thai hospitality is accepted and known worldwide. Its economy is one of the strongest in Southeast Asia. Therefore Thailand is the perfect destination to start education which prepares you for a promising career. There are plenty of world-class hotels, resorts and travel agencies which are offering challenging career opportunities and internships. Some reasons why international students choose Thailand to study -

  • The people of Thailand are revered for their friendliness and hospitality; forge genuine, life-long relationships with your host family, fellow students, and acquaintances.
  • Thailand has some breathtaking, picturesque, tropical landscapes and natural areas that draw tourists and divers from all over the world. From mountains to picturesque beaches, there is something for every nature lover.
  • The strength of programs in these areas makes Thailand very attractive to students interested in ecology, biological and human communities, and international development.
  • For students that want to make the most of their money while abroad, Thailand is an excellent choice. Living costs are lower then USA and Europe.